28 April 2022



A to Z Challenge
Xebec, x2, xr-429-iUe. Another 3-fer.  This time I had to look up all three.  And found to my surprise, I’d gotten these words from over to the writer’s write site. 

A small three-masted Mediterranean sailing ship with lateen and square sails is what a Xebec is.  Here I thought it was some kind of animal similar to a zebra. Xr-429-iUe is from a blog “the mind of nox.” And x2 is a movie.  Thought that one sounded a tad familiar. 

There were several other entries and images that showed up when I used Goggle search engine.  Yeah. Thought I’d be specific as I do have three browsers on my laptop.  Well, this a perhaps another reason I ran screaming for something else to do last year. 

And now I can’t even begin to fit these, one, two or all three to accomplishing my dream.  Nope.  Can’t even think of something to do with duality.  Two of those do have the number 2 in them.  The closest I can come.  

Perhaps I can dream up something about the duality of a Xebec.  Although the closest I can come to figuring out something with sailing is how to paddle a canoe on a windy lake, minus the bigger white caps of course.  And with a much stronger partner helping me. 

Well, perhaps I’ll just quietly fix a cup of coffee and ponder the situation. 

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