03 February 2021

#IWSG Question of the Month

 #IWSG February 3 question - Blogging is often more than just sharing stories. It’s often the start of special friendships and relationships. Have you made any friends through the blogosphere?

Yes is the short answer to the question.  

I've made several friends through blogging who have become personal supporters as well as encouraging me on my writing journey.  

I struggled through Cancer as well as the Covid right at the end of my radiation treatment. I'd been diagnosed with pre-Cancer in 2015 so the news wasn't as life-altering as it might have been.  What was life-altering was the same thing the whole world had to adjust to: the Global Pandemic of Co-Vid 19. 

And through it all was the love, support and prayers of the friends I made through Blogging.  They've become as much a part of my life as my family and childhood friends. 

Added to this list are the doctors, nurses and support personnel who walked with me on this particular journey.  A huge shoutout to those who got excited when they found out I was writing books.  A couple even had suggestions for local marketing.  So yeah, this was a big boost to my morale and encouraged me to pick up where I left off in December 2019.  

Have a few things I have to adjust too which are affecting my ability to type and hand write.  So, have to use dictation. I'd bought Dragon Naturally Speaking for my father when he'd begun to lose his sight.  So, right now the current plans are to use Google Docs Voice Typing to get the first books finished and earn enough to buy The Dragon as I need more than just what Google offers.  And get my stuff up on Ko-fi site: link in sidebar.  

01 February 2021

Kofi Update among other doings.

Here is the link to my current Kofi update post.  #MRHKofiUpdate

Been practicing with Google Docs Voice Typing so I can finish my books and other projects.  And I need to finish an afghan for a friend.  It's nearly there.  Woulda been done 'cept for the fact I used a Picot stitch and to date have ripped out every single row since I started the very first stitch in the wrong spot.  And can now count to 183 in my sleep with pauses to mark 50, 91 and 100 to help count.  Course this doesn't help when the stitch is not next to the chain 3 but within the chain 3 foundation stitch.  Six weeks for a crib size afghan is the pits.  Why oh why didn't I just do a plain ripple stitch?  

Well, my plans and ponderings for the past month have born a bit of fruit.  Most probably would have been more of a harvest if I'da just focused on one thing at a time.  Yeah right.  Changing the habits of a lifetime isn't for the fainthearted, let me tell ya.  

Still and all, my bullet journal is the longest functioning planner I've ever used in my lifetime.  And it has helped me a lot.  Thanks Ryder Carroll.  And Laura over to HTGYST for introducing me to this method. 

I've always had a bajillion books, papers, computer files etc for tracking my doings, writerly or otherwise.  My Bullet Journal has simplified my life.  I can see at a glance whether or not something is worth it for me to do and leaves more time in my life for Family, Friends and things I really love to do.  

And those bajillion books have morphed down into just eight, yep, 8, notebooks and my computer files have quit duplicating themselves, thereby saving me the hassle of trying to figure out which is what or who dunnit and how could things have gotten to this point?  Slowly getting rid of the "everything must be saved In Case I Need It" mentality.  Didn't know I had it to the extent I did until this method came along to show me the error of my thoughts.