17 January 2019

More than a Wall

Warning: May be longer than 500 words.  I attended the Community Update on the government shutdown yesterday.  The whole meeting is on the YouTube channel for the Tribal Government.  Questions were asked, answers were given.  This isn’t a rehash of what was said.  You can watch the meetings as there were two meetings: one in each sector.  I haven’t watched the second one.  A community meeting for the Delegates was scheduled for last evening which I had to be at in preparation for the MCT Constitutional Convention meeting tomorrow. 
What I want to discuss is a more general set of things that we can do in the wake of the longest federal government shut down.  For now, I’d like to point out that this crisis is one of the reasons for the cultural value of sharing.  We are a generous, caring people.  Let us remember that in the days going forward.