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Niiganabiik's World
What do a warrior, a healer, a Runner, a dragon have in common?  Their stories are among those told in this collection of 30 Flash Fiction stories. 
Tales of whimsy, woe, and glorious victory abound in this collection.  Niiganabiik’s World (Pronounced Nee-gaw-naw-beak) Flash Fiction introduces some of the people and creatures in Niiganabiik’s World, a fantasy world created by Mildred R Holmes.  They range from every day, mundane people doing tasks to fantastical duties imposed by events that sometimes require the use of magic.

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A new installment every Friday beginning 18 January 2019 until the 30th one is published.  
For those who purchase at the price of $5.99 before I click the complete button, I will send you a 7000 word short story.
Then you may read one a day and have something for the months that have 31 days.
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