27 April 2022


A to Z Challenge
 Wasteland and Wagon wheel.  Well, well, well.  Whaddaya know, a three for one this time.  Let’s see how I can fit a wasteland with a wagon wheel in a slightly different manner than what is currently popping into everyone’s mind’s eye.  After all they must have something to do with accomplishing my dreams or dealing with duality of 222.  Well, 22.  Not sure why I keep writing 222. 

Course a wagon wheel need not be the old timey one with the spokes on those covered wagons that haunt everyone’s memories who’ve ever watched Zorro or the Rifleman or…yeah…the Lone Ranger.  I must admit it.  I liked to watch the Lone Ranger.  Being young and impressionable, I thought they made a pretty good team.  

Little did I realize that when I became an adult, there would be those who made fun of me for making a hero out of the Lone Range and of course Tonto.  What I liked was that they fought evil and rescued damsels in distress and showed me that there are ways to fight back.  Yep.  

Then I found out that there was a whole lot wrong with that show. I don’t even want to discuss it or write it.  I don’t think my parents thought anything wrong with it either.  Cause they sure didn’t let us watch something they thought we shouldn’t. 

My childhood was 49-59 years ago.  Back when there was secrets galore.  Not to be talked about things.  And hippies galore….

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