23 April 2022



A to Z Challenge

Thump and Torture.  What was I thinking when I chose those words.  Perhaps I was getting tired and just chose the first things on the list.  Yep.  That’s my story…huh.  

Back to the hemming and hawing regard the above words.  Thump as an accomplishment or duality?  Torture is more easily thought of as pertains to accomplishment and even duality.  Perhaps thump as an aspect of torture.  Not sure how to set torture as an accomplishment.  Or even as duality of 22.  Leastwise my interpretation of duality 22. 

Perhaps I might even cut this short as…torture as an aspect of accomplishing my dreams?  Mayhap it’s the dreaded writing block and one puts oneself through all kinds of negative self talk, torturing oneself with guilt over the missed writing days, the horror of tossing out page after page of writing that sent one miles down a path when one should have been crossing the lake or even a river?  Perhaps one could find a bridge to get oneself back or at least over to the spot one can see after being led astray by that shiny glint in the cliff above gorge one suddenly finds oneself trying to traverse cause one’s eyes were checking something else out. 

Yeah and thump could be the branch of the tree flinging back and thumping one on the head as ones turns around on the narrow path, nah, game path.  Hmmm. 

Nah, think I’ll go with my original thought of just cutting this post short.  

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