25 April 2022

Unfamiliar Unicorn

A to Z Challenge

 Unfamiliar Unicorn.  Well, finally a halfway decent choice of two words.  These words conjure up all sorts of ideas for writing.  ‘Cept for the dratted accomplishment of dream or duality…ahhh.  Methinks I just might see a possibility of this.  

An unfamiliar unicorn may have just walked itself into one of my short stories over to my StoryKeeper blog.  Yeah, I have plans for furthering my dreams of publishing success and this blog is part and parcel of my website which is, at long last, able to be made fully functioning after years of trying to get a store set up there.

Yeah, I could have just did as some of my blogging friends and acquaintance have done and just set up a link to their books on their blog.  I had another plan in mind, not just publishing my books.  It involves setting up a few things that those among my tribe as well as other tribes who feel the pull to writing can peruse and perhaps find useful in their pursuit of this dream. 

And I also have a couple other sites in mind for finding like minded folks who might enjoy the stories I have to tell and whose stories I might enjoy.  Cause I can and do share those when I find something I like to read. Or that I find interesting.  

I will be checking out that unfamiliar unicorn and seeing if I can entice it to tell its’ story over to my blog. 

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