22 April 2022

Shaking Sixes

A to Z Challenge

 Shaking, sixes and…here we go again.  Thinking I might just have to pick some different words after all.  I don’t have the vaguest idea of how to even start correlating these words to Accomplishment or duality of 22. 

All I can think of is shaking sixes in Yahtzee was the goal if one wanted to win in this woman’s family.  The more the better since the highest score was the objective.  Not sure if we’d ever actually figured out the highest possible score.  Our eyes were only on the numbers on the lines since to even put a score of 30 on any other number was only possible if one has triple Yahtzees.  Well you can if you either forfeit that chance of gaining the extra points by or have already done so. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there is the game of regular Yahtzee.  HOweverRR, in our family, we prefer a challenge.  

Thinking I might have posted once or twice on the Yahtzee players in my mother generation.  In particular, a certain party who pulled out the dice and home made yahtzee pages whenever one stepped one foot into her house.  Now, these weren’t necessarily things of beauty either.  One just had to put the most amount of three columns on one page.  After printers became more common, we could do double sided pages.  The first ones, in fact, I might even have one, were printed using a mimeograph machine.  

Yep, I can admit that now since I think all parties are now laughing about it in another place.  Less there’s someone amongst my own generation who was party to this.  Hmmm. Perhaps it’d be best to deny such things ever took place.  Can I do an innocent face when next I go out and about?  

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