21 April 2022


A to Z Challenge

 Racism and Regent.  Now whaddaya know.  There’s this person, River, I watch on YouTube who had some strong opinions on a certain couple who made some some claims about the current reigning monarch of England and her family.  I mention this cause these two words were chosen last year when I hadn’t even heard of River. I was astounded to learn of the accusations of racism in the royal family.  Well.  

I followed him as he was almost defiant in his defense of his country and their monarchy.  I have an altogether different view of that same monarchy.  As do many people.  What shocked me was that someone actually came out and said it.  They didn’t follow the official line. 

I know there’s an “official” line and a “private” line.  Everyone has one.  Thing is, most think their private line is actually private.  I’ve touched upon this in one or two of my previous posts in one or another of my blogs.  Not precisely pertaining to "regents" though.  

I’ve also learned a thing or two about something called “woke world” and I shook my head after I digested the definition River gave.  No, I haven’t looked it up.  There are some things I’d prefer to leave lay where I found it.  One of the teachings I was given by my elders. 

And it doesn’t really have anything to do with accomplishing my dreams as such.  Might have a thing or two to do with duality of 22 and something else to ponder on those long, sleepless nights. 

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