20 April 2022


Qualified and Quantum.  That word isn’t the only one in my synopsis.  There’s one titled *Jester of the Queen” to which I added “’s Jester” for whatever reason I thought would make a good title for a book.  Perhaps one day it might come to fruition.  T’any rate, I’m so glad that I didn’t end up using that.  Cause in my mind’s eye, I see Danny Kaye in his jester’s suit doing something that I can’t remember what or why.  Can’t even remember the name of the show. Or movie.  Cause back in my childhood, they were the same as for as I was concerned.  Nowadays, I get corrected when I refer to something in the manner I am used to, being the well brought up daughter of a teacher’s aide and a newspaper editor who wrote his own column.  

Still, qualified pertains to accomplishing my dreams though I have yet to have a glimmering of an idea pertaining to duality of 22.  Now quantum is easily fitting into my vision of duality though not particularly 22.  Mayhap, I’ll understand quantum better as an accomplishment of my dream by the time I get to the end of this assignment I happily took on last year and am finally finishing this year. 

Perhaps not.  

I’ll probably dust my hands of the whole thing once I hit the publish button and ponder the situation when I do the whole review process.  Yeah, sounds like a good idea right about now.  See  ya.

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