19 April 2022


A to Z Challenge

 Pendant and Pimple.  Two more unrelated words I never did see.  Well, yeah cause there are more choices coming and I am shaking my head at the thought.  Perhaps looking at those choices is what caused me to run screaming into the other room and finding something else to do. 

Course back in 2021, I was in the midst of adjusting to several health requirements that several “providers” had to somehow coordinate even though several were in a different system from one or two.  They all seemed to find a good solution.  Ya know what?  Back in the days when my son’s health needs had to be coordinated, I wished for such a thing as what is happening now.  Doctors and other health care professionals were able to see one medical chart instead of me losing one or two pages here and there.  

Lo and behold!  Hahaha. It has come to pass.  Even the talking to a doctor on a screen has come to pass.  Heck, we can even watch and/or chat/talk with someone on a different continent now.  

When I was a child, mankind’s imagination wasn’t up to the reality of what we have now.  Well perhaps in the minds of the really gifted geniuses of the world.  Certainly not mine.  Though one day I was wishing that I could use my nose to activate magic so that a flower filled path could open up whilst walking though cold, wet, snow.  I was heartily tired of snow, so it must have been pretty close to spring and snow hadn’t yet begun to melt.  Lo and behold, I read in a book that someone was so rich, they could afford to put radiant heaters under the tarmac and melt the snow and ice whilst they drove up the mountain to their snowbound retreat. 

Dreams.  Duality.  

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