18 April 2022

Odd, Oops

A to Z Challenge
 Odd and oops.  Now these I can easily see pertain to either Accomplishing my dreams or the duality of 22.  Oh, on that subject, now that I have written 14 entries, perhaps oops even pertains to this goal.  It just occurred to me that the duality of 22 might just be the year 2022?  Now isn’t that odd?  

Well, I must admit that I’ve been called odd, or sometimes a bit touched in the head.  Mostly cause my thought process isn’t easy for some to fathom.  Which explains the friends who congregate around me.  They are truly people I appreciate and care for.  Family, although I Love My Family, don’t always qualify as friend.  And as all, or most all, know that acquaintances and neighbors aren’t friends either.  While it is true that some neighbors can be friendly, it doesn’t follow that they are friends. 

Ahh, perhaps in a month I’ll look back on this and think “oops” and wish to hit the unpublish button.  Or maybe not.  Perhaps I will see what happens when I do my annual review.  Cause my annual review does include reviewing things I’ve posted.  

Now mind, just cause I reveal aspects of myself through my writing, it doesn’t follow that I am actually scatterbrained and easy to dupe.  Nope, nope, nope.  Some of my writing has points hidden deep within, some the only point is a smile, a giggle or even a full bellied laugh..all that’s necessary.  Or could be just a scatterbrained attempt to get words on the page. 

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