16 April 2022


A to Z Challenge
 Nest and necklace?  Nest the necklace?  Nested necklace?  Hmmm.  Three beginnings?  Maybe.  Three endings?  Or we could say, “Necklace nested in the hollow of her throat?”  How does that make sense?  Ahh, too great of a conundrum so early in the morning. 

Been thinking I need to get the theme back into focus somewhere I can see.  The last couple posts seem to be getting away from either accomplishing my dreams or the duality of 22.  Guess those rabbit holes really can appear whereever and whenever they want. 

Oh, now why does where ever and whenever never seem to cause the same grammar redline when one is location-wise and the other is time-wise and thus should both be one word.  Apparently not.  English is complicated sometimes.  Not that Ojibwemowin is that much different.  Depends on the mindset I suppose. 

I can figure out Ojibwemowin cause words mean what they’re meant to and English has so many nuances to just one word that one has to have a context for them.  Images conjured up in either language vary.  I have to sort through so many pictures in my mind when I hear just one, perhaps two English words.  Not so in Ojibwemowin.  It’s an action oriented language.  Specific. 

Nested the necklace translated into Ojibwemowin would require some thought cause you’d have to think on what was being done or what had been done.  Confused?  Well I’m not.  Naabikagaan is something worn around the neck and is a noun.  Wadiswan only means nest and is a noun.  Waziswanike-s/he makes a nest. To get the idea of “nesting the necklace in/on a neck” requires some thought.  The image this sentence brings to my mind is that of a bird’s nest sitting on someone’s neck.  So I need to pick from the many meanings of the English word to get the right meaning. Course some necks aren’t always human either. 

Nest and necklace.  Hmmph. 

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