15 April 2022


A to Z Challenge
 Misunderstanding and mirror.  Two of the most mismatched words I’ve ever come up with.  What was I thinking?  Perhaps I was tired.  Course, I’d gotten the list from over to the Reedsy blog…wait, that was one of their generator thingamabobs I was experimenting with at one time.  Hmm, now let me think…of I did a search somewhere and something popped.  No.  Think I actually wrote about this last year before I went off on another adventure doing who knows what. Perhaps by the end of this quest to finally finish an AtoZ challenge, I will have remembered what it was.  

Misunderstanding is a mighty big thing most times.  Least in my life it is.  Man, it’s a shock sometimes, how easy it is to have something blown all out of proportion.  Even when one is careful to use words that feel like the right words.  Ahh, perhaps that’s the problem.  Feel like isn’t the same as are they?  Something to ponder in the nights when it’s hard to sleep. 

Mirror has so many different meanings.  Scientific meaning?  Like setting up an infinity mirror without realizing it.  Thinking about all those mirrors used in the building of space station and those glorified telescopes sent to see if they can find the beginning of everything.  Perhaps they’ll actually be seeing the end of everything.  

Like the saying: in the beginning was the end, in the ending was the beginning. Mirror, misunderstanding. 

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