14 April 2022


 Laundry and liner go together like laundry liner.  Hahaha.  Laundry liner.  I can just hear the groans on that one. I’m giggling myself as I write this.  My son just put his laundry in the washer bout an hour ago. Now it’s in the dryer.  So I am sitting here looking at my laundry laying on the floor waiting for me to put it in the washer that’s right there.  But naaah! 

It can wait til tomorrow.  Teehee. Too close to sleep time for me to worry about it now.  (checking my zone cleaning task schedule which includes laundry-and nope laundry isn’t on the to-do for a couple more days. Yay!) Sides my son still has one more load.  Yep, we wait for full loads before we do laundry. 

And liner.  Not really sure why I chose that one?  Liner can be so many things.  Taking a sneak peek at the lines in my corkboard set to not show the index cards. I prefer to see the subdocuments as it keeps me on track better.  Less, of course, I choose to use it in my Series Bible I somehow managed to not see for the past two quarters.  

What do ya know?  Every one of the last 11 letters has two word choices.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Lines are not liner.  That’s what the difference with having one letter change the whole meaning of a word.  Perhaps I should have taken that last letter off.  Going down another rabbit….

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