13 April 2022


A to Z Challenge
Kaleidoscope.  Or Killjoy.  Those two words are strangely related in my current situation.  I chose kaleidoscope because I remember looking through the lens of the first one in my young life. Seems to me I remember watching a television program back in the day, perhaps on CBC station up in Fort Frances.  

Killjoy? Why that brings up memories of my uncle.  Not exactly sure why his face pops up into my memory. He wasn’t a killjoy.  I think that right now I might be the killjoy cause I’ve put up all these tasks and objectives and playing catch up is cutting into the time I usually reserve for family and friends.  

One is a happy memory, the other isn’t exactly an unhappy one.  Perhaps it’s because I might need to find a balance in my life regarding all these goals and tasks and fun?  Kaleidoscope of activities vs. Getting the stuff done. 

Well, since I do have two more days before actually setting up Quarter 2 goals maybe I should look at those more closely.  Duality of 22 is showing up in strange ways right now.  Well, we’ll get this particular objective done, post this and schedule the posts for the days.  Then relax for a couple minutes and try to re-establish a regular writing schedule.  

Particularly since I will soon be having to make room for marketing and sales in my schedule.  Something else to look forward to.  So hoping that by the end of this year, I will be closer to achieving my goals regarding my lifestyle.

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