12 April 2022


A to Z Challenge
 Jasmine, Juvenile or Jester were my choices last year.  Hmm.  In case you’re wondering, I’d wanted to do one word prompts for one of these challenges and thought I’d try last year.  Hah.  Looking at my last years calendar set up in my Scrivener program, I’d only done 2.  A & B.  

Since reviewing my business plan, goals and other items revealed the why of this self inflicted snafu, I made a posting plan for such things.  Of course, some other items also revealed the fact that some of my plans cost money.  Money which I needed to earn rather quickly. 

So.  That posting plan is now on the agenda, albeit 3 months late.  However, the writing of the A to Z Challenge is two weeks ahead of schedule.  Which means that I started the actual writing yesterday.  Why?  Well, my Quarter 1 review according to HB90 revealed that I was getting involved in things that needed no further direction from me, the overview vs. The Details. 

So the first week was spent revising all my estimates and now, I am on track to regain some of the momentum I lost by concentrating solely on a source of income during the months of January and February.  

None of this actually has anything to do with the letter J words I’d chosen.  Cept possibly the fact that I like the smell of Jasmine, I can be Juvenile sometimes and my sister is still trying to teach me how to tell jokes so I can be a jester.  

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