03 May 2014

Niiganabiik's World

I've started a separate page for Niiganabiik's World on Facebook.  Links will be posted on the page for books set in my world.  Of course, the first book I've released is a serial on #JukepopSerials Stories of the People Niiganabiik's World.  Now that the first bit of excitement has passed, I am settling down and extending an invitation for you to join me in Niiganabiik's World.

The Storyteller* - recounts history, adventures and visions of the People.  They are chosen for their acting ability in childhood, trained in memory techniques and practice every day until they can pass a rigorous test.  They tell stories each Moon detailing some important event that occurred in that Moon, sometimes, two or more events.

Stories are divided: those for the People are told during the cold Moons of Winter, those for Clans at various clan gatherings during the other seasons, and ones for Family are bedtime stories.  Naturally, being fun-loving people, the stories for the family are the most repeated, the most loved and may or may not be included in the great, formal stories told for all the People.  Clan stories are only told during Clan gatherings for the specific Clan.

Thus, ends the first look into Niiganabiik's World.  For more, please join me on Facebook or Jukepop Serials.  Chii-Miigwitch, many thanks for reading, for supporting me and having faith in me.

*A link that explains Storytelling within the Anishinabe culture for those so minded to know.

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