25 April 2014

Editing-a woeful tale

When editing, I use a handy dandy gadget called "EditMinion" by Jeff Printy.  I had bookmarked the page when I found the link over to the NaNoWriMo forums.  Used the gadget for a number of years.  Never a problem with it.  It has helped me to refine my writing. (This is the new page, in case you see a difference.)

I have less revising to do and when I see the report card, I am doing the happy dance.  My first drafts have improved immensely since I started using the gadget.  There are all kinds of helpful things it does, such as "Adverbinator," "Weak Words," and "Passive Voice."  Nine in all.

The one that has confused me is "Homonyms."  Over the years, I've looked at the colored words in whatever passage I happened to be working on.  Found the homonyms with a puzzled frown on my face.  Never did anything with them because I couldn't think why they'd be highlighted.

Then last evening, I was happily checking the latest chapter I submitted to Jukepop Serials this a.m.  Found very few of those brightly colored phrases, words and whatnot.  Happy, happy, happy.

Aha.  What was this?  A few of the words were lightly colored.  Checked the legend for its meaning.  "Homonyms."  Again.  Now what was I to do?  I most certainly didn't want those little colored markers on my writing.  Must be a hangover from highschool.

Ackk! Short break whilst I recover from the shock of power failure.  Ratted dratted gremlins.  Let me see if I can redo that last paragraph.  I was in the midst of typing my best lines for posterity.  Oh!  Yeah.

I pondered on the meaning of homonyms.  Walked the floor, deep in thought.  Considered getting out the English grammar book lying around.  Problem: its never around when one really needs to look.  Light bulb moment: use the internet.  Alas, no help.

I considered the contact button located to the extreme right on the page bar.  Then I remembered  @DrWicked.  Thought about sending an emergency tweet.  Then considered sending an email.  Neither one was a good idea.  I needed immediate assistance, but didn't want the whole tweeting world to know.  Email is almost as slow as snail mail these days.  What to do?

I sat back and looked up at the wolf who is the source of much inspiration for me.  Glancing back down to the colored marks, I looked.  I began laughing.  Laughing so hard, I nearly fell off my chair.

I discovered there was no need to send out an SOS.  I had ended at least three years of puzzlement, thanks to the maiingan, the wolf.

The words were highlighted in the event I used the wrong one.  Teehee.  Hahahahohohohaha.  They're coming to take me away, hahahohoheehee.

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