04 September 2013


Inspiration, sometimes, gets hard to find.  I think this is one of those times when one must keep on truckin', put one foot in front of the other, leap instead of look.  All my stories are at an impasse right now.  I usually can find some encouragement when browsing through the net.  Now, I'm reading too many negative stories.

Does that mean all my writing is going to take a nosedive into the darker side of fantasy?  I surely hope not.  While I do enjoy reading about Zombies, Vampires, and other nefarious beings, I'd rather not write about them.  On the other hand, one is supposed to grow, change and develop while writing.  Is that the next step for me, write dark fantasy?

No.  What it means is that I've gotten used to the frenetic pace of dealing with parent's illness.  I relaxed a bit and now need to find something to take the place of all that activity.  Writing a bit here and there, editing, revising and looking at the big picture when tracking the details was scrinched into very short time periods.  Now, I have those hours back and need to get used to using them.

My plans for the next couple weeks is to just sit and write for those four hours.  Anything and everything will be put down on paper.  Later on, maybe, I'll sift through and see if there's something worth keeping.  Along with that, I'll be entering all those handwritten notes, deciphering a few others and try to remember what those arrows meant.

And learn how to use that Dragon Naturally Speaking software program I got during the last NaNoWriMo event in November.  My headset grew legs while I was waiting to install the program.  I got one for my father and now need to be able to show him how to use it. Methinks both of us need to speak slowly and carefully.  We need to train our computers to type correctly.  Then maybe, I will be able to take those negative stories in stride and Keep on Truckin'.

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