23 July 2013

Further trials and tribulations of a budding writer, author?

I had plans to write a series of short stories set in my world on the StoryKeeper blog.  I posted the first in the series and methinks the gremll'ns struck once again.


I went to post my second and lo and behold.  Had problems with blogger.  Not sure as I had to do a bit of searching as I couldn't get the error code settled.  I sent a support ticket and now everything seems to be fine.  Oh, and spent days hunting on my computer for a misconfigured network or some such thing.

Second, had to go to town and get another external drive with which to back up my VIP's, Very Important Projects.  Teehee.  Man, there were a lot of projects in there.  Backing up an entire computer would have been easier but I only wanted the Projects I am working on or have worked on.  Sure hope the programs I used to write them will convert once I have to update to the dreaded Windows 8 system.

I say dreaded as Father has gotten the latest after struggling with Vista for so long.  And we are in the process of getting his stuff back online.  He is using a non-touch screen.  The only thing I can say about this experience is that I will know what to do when I m u s t switch.  I've heard from a couple gamers who aren't happy with the new system and that gives me pause.  Maybe it'll go the way of the Vista program?

At any rate, I suppose I could convert to rtf or text.  Though I'm not sure about the picture book, [is that photography book?]  Drats, there I go again with the brackets.  It looks fine and works fine until one wants to import it to another program such as the one I used at LeanPub.  Still fixing some coding errors on those which stems from my use of brackets and the squigglies.

Well, that's J u s t a bit about what's been happening.  I want to thank everyone who sent prayers and good thoughts and encouragements during the past few months while my parents were on the road back to good health, or as good a 70+ and 90 year old can get.  Chii-Miigwetch.

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