13 October 2013

Catherine Holm Book Signing

I went to Catherine Holm book signing event at the Bookstore at Fitger's in Duluth, MN.   I ended up buying my heart is a mountain tales of magic and the land and she graciously signed it for me.  Don't understand why I did that.  I had intended to get Driving with Cats: Ours for a Short Time -- a memoir of love.

I like cats, though one wouldn't describe me as a cat lover.  My family and friends have a cat or two and sometimes a dog or two as well.  I like to watch the cats interact with their owners.  When an animal is well loved, it shows.  

My aunt was a great cat lover.  She'd had several cats over the course of her life.  The cat I remember the best was named Isis.  Had adventures with that cat, my aunt and me.  I thought of her, Isis and Clementine, a Siamese cat my mom gave to her, when I first saw the book on Catherine Holm's Facebook page.  I do intend to get a copy of the book.  If I can get back to Fitger's, I might even be able to get a signed copy that Catherine Holm has left there.

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