06 December 2012

More thoughts reference Life after NaNoWriMo

The past week has seen a few changes to my novel, scene additions, names for a couple more characters, plot taking off in directions not considered in my mission of 50,000.  I have discovered that I have trained my brain during the past 30 days.  Yep, thirty days of writing to CCR has become a habit.

I've tried listening to Celtic Thunder and my plot goes wandering off in unforeseen directions, or "Galway Girl" has me dancing in my chair with no writing done at all.  One or two of the other songs ("Seven Drunken Nights" in particular) change the character of my characters and adds dimensions that I hadn't considered at all.  You'd think I might have been prepared for such shenanigans considering the amount of such goings on over at the forums.  Nooo.  I wanted to have the bare bones of my draft finished, leaving about 25000 words to play around with.  Celtic Thunder has changed that.  Ahh well, back to CCR.

And one or two of my characters got into a fight scene with descriptions of, well, creatures of some sort that defy naming so far.  I am discovering there is much more to this world that I created in 2003.  How that affects the rest of the books still in revision, I have yet to contemplate.

I joined a critique group yesterday.  I had joined this so long ago, that my user profile has been sent off to that Black Hole somewhere in the center of CritiqueLand, that galaxy many of us dread to board our manuscripts for.  What did I discover whilst scouting out the current Landscape called SF, Fantasy and Horror?  Short stories only.

Well, I could have visited that Landscape a few months ago.  Unfortunately, my radar detector thingamabobby has been on the blink for several...ah years.  Moving from world to world, galaxy to galaxy, can be daunting at times.  I confess that I may have been one of the few who were dragged, kicking and screaming, off to Self Publishing one or two of my books.  Now, on second, fourth and thirtieth rethink, I may drag one or two to this world.

Well, the day-to-day reality intrudes once again, so I'm off to seek shelter from the messiness of my landing in CritiqueLand yesterday.  Have to consider some other angles.


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