11 December 2012

Writerly Activites-Encouragement

I take my encouragement where I can find it.  Like a couple weeks ago, I was in a Chinese restaurant.  You know, the little piece of paper that comes tucked inside the Fortune Cookie?  Yes, the ones printed on thousands of other papers just like it.  I've kept a few cause they seemed to fit my frame of mind.

"Your curiosity may mean success." and "A goal is a dream achieved."  The latest "Laughter shall fuel your spirit's engine."

Hmmm.  Hmmm.  taptaptap.  Hmmm.  Lightbulb clicks on at last.

Those are generic words of wisdom.  And they can mean so many different things.  Like, I could use them for character traits, I could use them as words to live by, or topics for discussion somewhere.  I could write a few of my many words for each and every one and have a short story in there.  Or write even more of my many words for a full length novel.  I could even write a poem or song.

What I chose to do was fit them into my way of thinking in regards to my writing life.  Curiosity, dream, goal and humor.  All from enjoying a bit of fried rice at the buffet table with my friend in the middle of errand days.  Now, I shall be able to revise my novels using the same bits of wisdom that someone somewhere decided to write on a bitty piece of paper and tuck inside a Fortune Cookie, casting it out among the billions of people on this earth.  That same someone probably was just fulfilling their days quota of wisdom and getting their few dollars worth for the day.

Well, I, for one, appreciate these words of wisdom and salute those who have earned their living from writing, printing and making sure that Fortune Cookie was out there for me to find.


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