01 December 2012

Post NaNoWriMo thoughts

When I started the month, there was a lot that I didn't plan on.  The synopsis helped a lot.  I wrote one that ended up being about 4 pages long.  Transferred those, worked out a plot line of sorts and commenced writing.

Working from that helped me to concentrate on the story line.  I did get a bit distracted with a couple of the characters.  And having the subplot cards helped.  I made notes whenever I had an idea, and went back to typing the main story.  I was able to just pick up some quick names using the SSA's popular names list for 1890.  Tried to pick some that sounded more like our names are pronounced.  May go back and just use our nicknames.  Most likely.

A lot of the writing didn't make it into the final count because I have to work the MC's story into it.  It's not back story, more a side story.  Well, life doesn't go in a straight line, is all I can say.

The best thing is revision isn't going to be as nerve racking as past ones.  Taking some of those apart and putting them back shows me how much back story was there.  Man, the more I write, the more I appreciate the work that went into the novels I read.  Would you say I'm not an "armchair novelist" anymore?

I've posted, geh, uploaded the rough draft at Smashwords.  I have a coupon code posted at my Facebook profile.  Not sure if I posted it on my Goggle+ page.  If you download a copy, you can get the ebook without paying.  Course, if you want to buy the final copy as well, I won't object.  The code is good until 27 December 2012.  Storm Clouds.

I've been doing a bit of catching up with friends, got a phone call from the newspaper editor.  Seems I didn't write an article for December and she wanted to make sure I wrote one for January.  ;D.  {Like doing that, those little expressions learned on the NaNoWriMo forums.}  Anyways, people like reading them and I'm sorry I didn't get one to her, though it is sitting on my computer in the lonely file marked 'newspaper articles'.  Mayhap I'll have to add that to my Goggle sync file.  Keep forgetting that handy dandy little program.  And had to look up the pics for my dad's interview that's going to be on TV in a couple months.

Enough for now, though I would like some critiques from a few later.  I'm not posting the whole book for about another week.  It'll be around 75,000 words.  And I've got to talk to someone about doing a cover for me.  Going back to "not rambling" is going to take some concentration.  Bear with me.  I have lots on my to-do that now need to get-done.

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