30 April 2022


A to Z Challenge
Zit and zombie.  Man, what a strange mindset I was in when I chose the words of the different one word lists I checked out.  Perhaps I should have just checked the dictionary and closed my eyes and stuck a pin somewhere on the page.  

I chose to use zombie as the title cause that sorta defines one of my dreams???? Naaay! It was better than zit is the one and only fact. Not sure if I’ll be participating in this type of blog hop when this year is finished. 

I’ll still look for the hash tag and read some of the blogs.  I want to be changing the focus of this blog to be a bit more in line with my revised goals.  Many of those goals don’t leave me with much time any more.  I’ve stated all along that I was mostly here to learn and mayhap, teach a bit about writing in general.  I’ve accomplished much of that in the blogosphere and now it’s getting time for me to be out and about in the real world. 

I realize that much of the marketing that I’m planning will be a whole lot more time consuming as it involves cameras, editing software and a bit more techy stuff than I’m used to right now.  So, perhaps, this is more along the lines of a post for the Reflections Post.  

So, yeah, sometimes accomplishing your dreams does take a long time.  It’s going to be all the better for me as I have made friends who’ve encouraged and supported me over these long years.  Take care, stay safe. 

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