07 April 2022



A to Z Challenge
Feast is one of the rewards I have planned for accomplishing each of my goals contained in my book plan.  I have several books I have set up according the categories of things I want to do, be, have (Thanks Laura of HTGYST fame.) 

According to my traditions, we have feasts to celebrate accomplishments in our lives: first deer, thanks for manoomin (wild rice), job advancements, graduations.  Well, I have bujo’s for my Business plan, Book plan, health plan, dreams.  

Each of those are reviewed once a year and changed or kept on hold for a bit longer.  My Business plan and book plan are reviewed and changed once a quarter.  Thanks to Sarra Cannon’s HB90 course I now have a clearer understanding of my path to publishing my books.  

The past two years have made my Health plan the priority.  This third year being cancer free will allow me to start making that an annual review.  My dreams are now being written down in a “Brainstorming” book. This gives me an opportunity to see at a glance whether or not it’s doable, a pipe dream as I defined it according to my tradition or something to amuse myself.

I’ve come to think that perhaps not all dreams are given to one for the express purpose of giving a goal or something to be reached.  Some are there to help your outlook on life: humorous, deal with grief, sorrow, love.  

And these latter dreams can, perhaps should (much as I don’t like using that work) be celebrated with a feast.


  1. Good to know u r cancer free * virtual hugs* good luck with ur plans and wishlist

  2. We (me, husband, children, grandchildren) used to celebrate all accomplishments with a feast, in our case it was a family dinner. That has been on hold since covid, with the exception of that last Thanksgiving when we felt safe enough to come together the day before the official date. I do miss family gatherings.

    You have things so well planned. I should do some planning. I have ideas for several books about family history, but I don't seem to stop looking long enough to pull them together. I need to get on the ball as I won't live forever.


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