06 April 2022


A to Z Challenge

 Elf Etiquette.  These were the two choices I had for last year's AtoZ.  Was trying to just have one word.  And hadn’t decided.  Now, how do these fit into either accomplishing my dreams or the duality of 222? 

My current dream accomplishment is publishing books.  Yes, there is an elf or two running through the series I have done.  And etiquette could be part of duality of 22.  Mayhap I’ll have to study on that concept a bit.  Etiquette is certainly part of book publishing.  As I have learned over the past 20 or so years.  

I did have an inkling of it during my growing up years.  And it is that knowledge that caused my parents to encourage me to be a nurse or a teacher as I could be assured of a job all my life.  

Living during the 1960’s and ‘70s did give me pause for consideration and I reluctantly put away the dream of writing a book.  Later, I also put away the dream of being a historian.  

Well, to look at me now you’d think I had been living my whole life as either a writer or a historian.  I have 19 books written, I have a fairly large family history put together complete as I can get it with documentation.  And I can, upon occasion, tell fascinating stories to younger generations.  

So, yeah, I guess both words can fit either of the themes, or questions. 


  1. 19 books woww...that's amazing

    Why didn't you get them published? Anyway good luck with ur dream accomplishments!

    Dropping by from A to Z –

    1. Most of them are rough drafts in the process of revision. I have sold crafts before and knew I'd need to have a lot of quality products as marketing and sales will cut into the time for writing.

  2. I had to look up " the duality of 222" I did not know.

    1. Yeah. I wasn't sure if one or both were themes so I had to look it up myself.


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