04 April 2022



A to Z Challenge
Curtains! How, exactly, is that part of my dreams or even the duality of 222?  I purchased some new shower curtains and curtains(technically…drapes) for the living room.

Had hoped that the legalities would’ve been worked out by now for the details of house renovation.  Since it’s dependent on lawyers, who knows exactly when that will be.  So, will be purchasing some of the items now so I don’t have to worry bout them later.  Sides, I got them “thrifting” when I was in the cities.  They were brand new, still in the bag.  Well, the shower curtain was purchased at Target.  

Thrifting might be popping up now and then over the coming months.  It’s good to be able to get out and about again.  I still wear a mask since I don’t want to take chances yet. Imagine that! Me, cautious.  Hey, a c word.  I picked up some more items to help me with my writing and planning process.  

Started a goal planning thing with Sarra Cannon on her HeartBreathing channel.  No, I am not an affliate.  It was during this process that I realized how much work, dreams and goals I actually accomplished since that day back in 2003 when my son and I challenged each other to write a book during our “vacation” over the winter. 

Still have a bit more organizing to actually get caught up with making things pretty to look at.  It’s going to be nice to be in a spotlessly clean home for perhaps a week.  Might make it to a month?


  1. I love thrifting too. Best to be cautious since covid is still around.

  2. Today while doing some mild qigong, I noticed the amount of dirt on the legs of my desk chair. And the cobwebs on the ceiling. I really need to clean this room. To be in a clan house for even a week would be amazing.


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