02 April 2022


A to Z Challenge
My books have been dreams for years now.  Well, the publishing of them.  The writing has been what’s taking for everrr. Since life happens, I guess I need to cut myself some slack.  

The first actual book I’m going to have out is called “Bagamose” which translates as s/he walks.  I’ve posted bout it and probably is still on my About page.  However, think I did a disclaimer somewhere that the end product mayn’t be what’s in the blurb. 

Whoa, just noticed I’m using a lot of B words. And A words from yesterday.  Hmm, if this keeps up, wonder what my last few entries will look like. 

I’ve decided to self publish over to Draft2Digital.  Might try their print books even though I do have the one at KDP. Decided this after I found out they were merging with Smashwords.  Since I do have an account with Smashwords, I’m curious about how that’s gonna work out.  

I’ve got various other plans and projects going now.  Everything over the past 19 years has evolved down to things coming together for me.  Accomplishments.  Yeah!  Dreams can can true. With lots of hard work, stick to it’iveness and sometimes just plain old stubborness with maybe a fit or two thrown in.  

So, Be on the lookout for announcements of the Bagamose book link. 


  1. B is for books and publishing them. I'm waiting for Bagamoose and as you say, with a little 'stick to it’iveness' you'll get there.

  2. This sounds interesting. I will have to read your About.


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