25 May 2019

Thoughts on Writing

As some of you are aware, I've been busily attempting to get the business side of writing into some semblance of order.  I've been prettying up my websites, trying to get writing assignments finished as I am taking one of Holly Lisle's courses, "How to Write a Novel" and working out the financials for reaching my goals and objectives. 

Those goals and objectives solidified and became real for me after I'd watched Laura of "How to Get Your Shit Together" and took up some of those ideas she presents, in particular, her lists for Goals and Objectives, and dipped my toes into "Bullet Journaling."  One other thing she got for her followers was a lifetime membership for Aware, the meditation app, which I've been doing.  Not everyday, close enough.  Finished the Basic course, one on motivation, and now one for creativity. 

Now, some of you may be thinking, "What does this have to do with writing?"  And as usual, I answer, "A lot."  Least for me and my path in life.

I've done a form of meditation all my life.  Done some of the things my Elders taught me, whilst at the same time, trying to find my own way.  Got ready to publish my first stories, then bam.  Lost my greatest supporter, my mom, shortly after, my father.  Yep, my father who gave us his words of wisdom, usually gleaned from his solving of cryptograms.  Then, one after another, those Elders who taught me many things.

Meditation helped me to sort out emotions and adjusting to life without the ease of running to someone to help me figure out what I needed to.  Time for me to stand on my own.  Not that I'm never going to find support, not that I'm discounting the support that is already there or leave behind everything I've learned.

Nah, my vision got clearer, despite the fact that I've broken the second pair of glasses in a year, and I have the strength to achieve those goals and objectives.  As one Elder told me 33 years ago, "I'm not answering any of your questions.  You already know."  And thus, I will achieve whatever I set out to, thereby living up to my name, Niiganabiik.  Chii-Miigwetch to those who're on this writing path with me.  Let us achieve much whilst enjoying the gifts we've been given.

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