30 April 2019

ISWG post Writer Insecurity

Well, well, well. It's that time. Here I am, writing, typing on my phone. Trying to get this written. Tomorrow, the first Wednesday of the month, begins in 5 hours.

Well, didn't take time to check out the question. Insecurity in writing? Well, as some of you know, my time for the past three weeks has been taken up with the dreaded business plan.

Oh, I won't go into everything cause this might turn into a...dare I say? Nah, sufficient to tell y'all that I learned a very important lesson concerning my chosen writing programs: Scrivener, Scapple and Aeon.

I have been working, in a very desultory fashion, on my business plan for years. Bits and pieces are in various files scattered in a few dozen sites. Now, this isn't the reason I procrastinated writing that plan.

No, cause it was taking time away from my precious novels. Therein was the problem; a mindset that some of us writers have concerning our precious writing time. The very term "business plan" implies a job and all that goes with a job.

"What does this have to do with the aforementioned fav writing programs?" You are rightfully asking.   And a very embarrassed me answers:

"I've been inputting data into Scapple for a few months, knowing I was gonna need it down the line.  Fourteen days ago, I transferred it manually to Aeon. I knew it synced to Scrivener somehow. The past three very frustrating days have flown by.  I finally figured out, after much frantic searching of the Literature and Latte site, how easy it is to transfer data back and forth.



  1. Mildred, I applaud you on your knowledge with regards to Scrivener, Scapple and Aeon.
    I knew that Scrivener existed but have never heard of Scapple and Aeon.
    So thanks for the education.

    Plus you talk about transference of data from one site to the next and automatic syncing?
    Me: *blank look*
    But I'll learn. Soon.
    The thing is, no sooner has a person mastered one platform, then there are five new platforms to investigate.

  2. Great post. It looks like you've been trying writing software? Good luck finding the one that fits.


  3. I've never heard of Scapple and Aeon. Will have to check them out. I do use Scrivener. Technology maddens me at times :)

  4. Business plans make me anxious too, and I probably don't do a very good job with my own. Good luck! Every little step matters. :)

  5. Funny how the most frustrating things are simple. It can drive a person to drink. hehehehe

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  6. I've spent FAR too much time recently learning and unlearning and relearning all kinds of technical things so I feel your pain! I love Scrivener 98% of the time, but there are days I just can't figure out what I need to know! Glad you solved it!

  7. I really like using Scrivener. Haven't tried the others you mentioned. Having a business plan makes good sense for a writer. Goes with Author Branding and Elevator Pitches and all that jazz.

  8. I've had those "duh" moments after spending hours on something.

    I've never used those programs. I've always just typed away in Word. I'll have to check them out!


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