06 March 2019

IWSG Post 2 of 2019

Ahh, February was a very busy month.  Went by faster than usual.  I am currently involved in tribal affairs which needed to be scheduled into my writing goals, amongst other things.  For 2019, I've made these two things the priority in my life.

Grand plans.  Amongst the writing goals is writing a novel from scratch as I signed up for Holly Lisle's "How to Write a Novel" course, an editing/revising goal for one book and two collections of stories.   Amongst the tribal affairs goal involves monthly meetings and setting up targets for our objective. 

Well, seeings' how I had to do some research to see what was already out there, vs. what I thought needed to be done, this cut into a lot of plans for my writing.  I was doing writing, just not the kind of writing I'd wanted. 

I'd also started a Bullet Journal after one night of deciding to check it out finally.  I've faithfully filled this out since Christmas Day.  After two months of tracking, I've got enough to figure out more specifically how to accomplish these things. 

Then, after attending a pow-wow the last weekend of February, I got sick.  Only, I'd managed to complicate the issue by blaming my headache on the fact it might have been a migraine due to the cold weather I'd finally had to emerge into to get some shoveling done.  Not a migraine, a sinus infection on the verge of becoming something more serious.  So, enter three days of mostly sleeping as this is how I cope. 

I mention these things as I've developed a sense of guilt about the fact I've not stuck to my scheduled writing times.  So, instead of waiting until the end of March to check my Bullet Journal tracking, I've spent the past several days of enforced rest to really think about my plans and yep, have decided to keep up with the goals I have set.

I am now in the process of revising the deadlines I set for myself.   My scheduled writing blocks will now be split between my writing for self and writing for tribal affairs.  My blog posts will be set on a less demanding schedule and I've changed the deadlines for the three books I currently want finished to June. 

After speculation, I think we'll have gained enough momentum to be able to guide? advise? the tribal affair around June.  So, I've felt some of the tension leave my shoulders and neck which I also blamed on the cold.  So, we'll see how March marches on.  teehee.


  1. Sleep is always the best antidote for healing. I find sleep very healing even when I'm not sick! You are smart to use it. You are the first Rez woman blog I've come across. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. Welcome, again, to the IWSG!

  2. All I will say is write each day if possible. Give yourself an hour. Believe it or not you will gather soooo many words for whichever project you are working on.

    Teresa C.

  3. I always feel guilt over deadlines missed as well. I never feel like I get enough done. Even though I've hit a rough patch I still have a good feeling about 2019 for all of us. Great post. Happy IWSG!


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