21 February 2019

WEP 28 days

28 days brings to mind cycles.  Cycles of the moon, tides, Lunar happenings.  Yeah they all play a part of the cycle of life I live. 

Not that I am particularly prompt in observing these things.  They're things I notice in every day life.  Like the moon's quiet influence in lives with occasional splashes of spectacular brilliance.  Driving along the road during nights with a clear sky above, I notice the position, the phase and the brightness of the moon.

More often, I check the sky during the day to see if I can see the sun and the moon together.  I'd once read a tale of the moon and sun only being together during certain times of the year.  Yes, this is one of the few things I ponder in moments when I want to let my imagination roam free.  Times when I don't want to have to think about schedules, crises, what am I going to cook. 

I have managed to solve other puzzles wherein I wonder how things work and see if I can solve them without having to research it, check for the scientific explanation or other easily solvable methods.  Like trying to figure how the nozzle knows when to stop pumping gas when one has it set automatically.  Hahaha.

No, I didn't solve that one on my own.  My cousin happily explained it to me when he asked what I was thinking about.  Duuh, I've never made that mistake again.  "nothing" has become my stock answer.

Why do I do this?  Just to see if I can figure it out. 

***And yes this is really late.  I'd written this and set the schedule.  Only when I finally got around to working on my blogs, etc. it was blank.  Hmmph.  Something else to ponder on in those rare free moments.  I will be touching upon this subject in my 1st Wednesday post.  Yeah.***

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