04 April 2013

D is for Dress

“Bout time you got here.  I need to hurry.  Don’t sit down.  Why I let you talk me into this.  How does this look?”

“Looks fine.  You need to get out more.  You’re always in this house by yourself.”

“Well, I have things to do.  Can’t always be doing this kind of stuff every day.”

“Stand still.  That collar is crooked.  And you’d better let me braid your hair.  Did you get that dress cleaned then?”

“Yeah.  Grape juice.  I didn’t let it soak long enough the first time.  Course it was pretty dried on when I got it.  Pretty dress.  You remember any more about it?”

“Not much more.  She was running away, if that helps.”

“Not much.  Trying to remember, ouch.  This is a mite small.  Can you get me a different one?  Not very good at this.  Think that’s the reason I don’t like going to socials.  Never could see the sense.  Dressing up for people you see every day?”

“Found them.  I thought you’d had some pieces to put in your hair.  Stand, no, sit.  This will take longer if you don’t sit.”

“Don’t know how you can do this every day.  I’m glad I work outside.  Fancy me digging in the dirt with this on?”

“Weell, maybe not the dress.  You could fix your hair with these though.”

“Maybe.  Have to think bout it.  Didn’t Ruby say she was going to buy a dress?”

“Ohh yeah.  She was all gungho over some new man she’d met.

“Did you ever see her wear it?”

“No.  Fact, I think she got her brother’s car and went up to Mall.  That was about two weeks ago.  There, all set.”

“Well, time to get going, I guess.  Haah.”

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