02 April 2013

B is Belongs

“Ya going to the meeting?”

“Yeah, guess so.  Not that I have anything done for it.  All my squares turned out not so square.  Off by an eighth of an inch on one side.”

“That won’t matter.  We can make something else with them.  Just bring it.”

“I was thinking of quitting.  My stuff never works out, I pick weird colors.  And the last time, I lost a needle.”

“Sheesh!  One would think you had all the woes in the world.  Everyone has off days.”

“No, really.  Everyone else does some beautiful work.  Mine look so dull and lumpy.”


“And crookedy.  Who wants a crooked blanket?”

“Oh!  Stay home then.  I’m going.  It’s not everyone who belongs in that circle.  Why, I heard that they only pick people who have a good sense of what belongs where, what colors go where.”

“Who else belongs in that circle?  Maybe...nawh.”


“Think I’ll go.  Just to see, mind you.”

“You wanna hear the latest?  I heard...”

“No.  You know I don’t like to listen to gossip.  Criminy, I pretend to listen to it down to the meetings.  Don’t have to listen to it here.”

“Here comes the Duke.  Do you suppose he’s really leaving...”

“What did I just say?  Sides, he’s better off leaving.  The way women fall all over his every glance, faint at the merest hint of a smile.  One would think he was sick of it.  Could be that’s the reason he’s leaving.  Maybe the women here aren’t good enough?”

“What’s the matter?  OOhh.  You made a try for him, didn’t you?”

“Naw.  I didn’t.  I know someone who did though.  And she was mad cause he wouldn’t go on that trip to the powwow with her.  She was crying around.  Literally buckets of tears.  When she saw I was watchin, she flounced off.  Now she’s really mad.  Guess she had her heart set on something.”

“Who was that?”

“Never mind.  You’ll find out soon enough, I suppose.  C’mon.  Let’s get this stuff loaded in the car.  I want to find out who belongs in that circle.  Man, people around here have the weirdest...”

“You always do that.  Start something and leave me hanging.”

“Well, you need something to occupy your time with.  Otherwise, you mope around.  Help me lift this.  Whatever did I put in this basket anyway.  It weighs a ton.”


  1. It would be interesting to see who "belongs" in that group. Sometimes you may not want to belong in a group, especially if they're too judgmental. But everybody belongs somewhere, just gotta find the right niche :)

  2. It's a desire we all have: to belong, to fit in, to be accepted. Nice post.

  3. @Gwen: A great observation. Finding that niche can be daunting sometimes.

    @Kathy: Thanks. The desire to belong can sometimes get us in trouble.

  4. Whatever it was, I'm sure it starts with the letter B.



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