28 January 2013

Re-introduce myself Blog fest

Aniin, Greetings.  I am Niiganabiik, aka Mildred R Holmes, daughter of a long line of Anishinabeg men and women.  I write articles for my tribal newspaper.  In 2003, I chose layoff status for the winter and decided to write a novel.  A high school goal accomplished.  That goal was added by the goal to be published.    The novels are in the fantasy genre due to the inclusion of magic.

I post on three different blogs: a personal journal, writer journal and a family history.  The family history is rarely updated.  Personal and writer are updated at least weekly.

{Edit:  This was set to post at 0400 on 28 January 2013.  Once again, the schedule hasn't worked for me.  I've been away from my home computer doing a good deed and didn't have the means to double check.  I just got back this evening and will now blog-hop.  Thanks to all who read my last post and commented.  This post is now a bit longer than the 100 or so words.}  {And if anyone can tell me why the schedule post doesn't work, I'd appreciate it.--Disregard.  I know what happened.}


  1. Hi Mildred, thanks for stopping by my blog for the Re-Introduce Yourself hop.

    Glad to return the follow and I look forward to reading more of your blog :)

  2. Hi there - nice to meet you via the blogfest. It's a pity the scheduling didn't work! I hope you get some more visitors :)

    I haven't looked into my family history, but apparently on my mum's side it doesn't go far back before hitting a dead end (due to a name change).

  3. You are involved in quite a bit of writing, be it for your own personal works or for blogging and articles. Great to see writing woven through so much of your life.


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