26 January 2013

Meditation on my Path

Winter time.  Time for meditation.  Time to assess my goals.  I've been checking a lot of websites for research, for fun and games, for learning, seeing what's out there in the "library" that contain millions of "books," maybe billions by now.  The most important thing I figured out is I need to know what it is I want and need as a writer, as a person.  There are so many opinions and "suggestions" that I may easily get caught up in something and lose my focus.  I figured out that it is okay to pick up hints, ideas, and tips here and there, as long as it is useful to my goals and objectives.

One person path
Walking one's own path.  This path is used by one person, day after day, coming and going from point A to B. He started by putting one foot in front of the other when the snow was soft.  It would have been easier to walk a path that was shoveled.  The shoveled path leads out of his way by a few dozen steps.  He concluded that it was easier to make his own path.  This path has no one in front or behind to pick you up if you trip.

Two or more person path

This path is traveled by two or more people, is used more often and is wider than the other.  There is more than one use for this path.  Three specific reasons why they also don't use the shoveled path.  It's not as long as the other path, doesn't take them out of their way and is less treacherous.  In the event one trips, there may be someone to help.

Follow in someone's footsteps
Someone told me that to follow in someone's footsteps involves not putting your foot directly in that person's footprint.  One makes one's own path even while following in someone's footsteps.  The path then ends up a little wider and easier for the next person.  {This is one of our customs.  I was losing my balance.  The toe should have been barely discernible from the other.}

The easiest path used for a variety of reasons.  This path has been built up for support, requiring maintenance to keep open.  More room to find one's balance if one trips.  And because more than one person can fit, one can have help all the way if one needs it.  Easier to pick oneself up than on the other paths.  {Whose job is it to keep the path open?} 

The start of all three paths to get from point A to B.  One makes the decision about the path one wants to take.  This is where I find myself at this point.  I stand considering where I want to go, which way to travel.  Three paths all with combinations I could use to get where I'm going.  They all connect to another path leading in different directions, whether I stay in the known, safe place or go to unknown, possibly less safe place.  I could choose to make a completely new path, one with unknown qualities.  Start with one foot on a path, take the next step forging a new path?  Which one do I choose?  


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