19 January 2013

Monday morning kind of day

Getting out of bed on mornings that register below zero is not my favorite thing to do.  It's harder to open that door and walk outside into the cold freezing air.  Then to sit and start a car, brush the snow off, get any ice off the windows, debate with oneself if the engine is warm enough to drive.  Man, the to-do's one must contemplate just go 1/2 mile and come back.  It's a shock to discover that halfway from the house, one has forgotten to put on gloves or mittens and the steering wheel is cold.  Huuhmm.

I've discovered, much to my dismay, revising and editing a story can be like that.  Getting stuck on one detail is akin to opening that door and walking outside into the freezing cold.  I've been opening the door to my world for the past few weeks and discovering that getting into the driver's seat is hard for me to do when I know the destination, but the snow is swirling and making it hard to see where I'm going.

This morning, I finally made a map of one of the villages.  I showed it to mom.  She turned her head to hide the amusement as she knows how important this is to me.  My son heard us discussing it.

"There's a website-deviantart dot com.  There's artists who do work for commission."

Huhhnah.  According to several sources at fantasy map making sites, authors giving writerly tips and general advice columnists, I really don't have to worry about any maps being beautiful on my end.  What a relief!  My publisher will hire an artist regardless of how much work I put into these maps.

Wait!  Right this moment, I have no publisher.  I am my own publisher.

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