05 January 2013

A break in the day

And no, I don't plan on putting up the whole book.  Just the first few scenes.  The book has already been through the spellcheck, weak sentence and repeats.  Now at the cutting of what is really backstory and have added scenes here and there.  (Sis, I'm still waiting for your comments on the first sentence or whatever it was you had in mind.)

I've got the instructions for how to use that handy dandy Paint.NET program.  I can do my covers.  One less item tic'd and now working on that in my spare time.  hahahohoheehee.  I was spending a lot of time in the forums over there and was getting the hang of it.  Then I happened on the thread containing the link to "Mastering Paint.NET 3.5.10" by Scott Stringer.  It saved me a lot of trial and error which is what I had been doing.

Ahh, I should have kept the first cover I experimented with.  What a...the title and my name disappeared completely.  I was hanging out over there trying to find out how to get them back.  And trying to cut something from one image to overlay reminded me why I am in complete awe of those like Michael Offutt who can draw.  I was checking out his artwork.

Chuckling to myself thinking about my inability to trace even.  I, who can sit for hours putting thousands of teeny, tiny, beads on a cloth background can't draw.  Hmm.  I'm at the age where I could take an art class.  Naaah.  I'll settle for admiring artists like Michael.

In my travels around the net recently, I came across a lot of posts at various sites detailing goals and such for the year.  Mine have been done during August, the month of my birth.  I have already had to change deadlines for self publishing.  Forgot one very important thing. The cover.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I knew one had to be created.

I didn't take into account exactly what needed to be done.  Howsomeever, that important detail is quickly coming under control.  One thing the back burner has done:  revising my short stories has turned up a few more grammar errors that I missed.  I've taken a couple photos and will try for a decent cover.  I looked at the photo sites and decided I didn't want the hassle of getting copyright permission at this point.  Mostly, no money to pay as the photos I liked were expensive.  My to-do's are longer, adding items to the growing plans of things that need to be done.  Hmm. Well, onward and upward.


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