09 April 2022


A to Z Challenge
Hinterland.  Yep.  Had to look that up.  Couldn’t remember why I’d picked that word last year. Still, I mostly use boondocks as that’s what I’d grown up hearing.  Thinking that hinterland sounds more romantic.  

I do live in a hinterland.  I’d found out through watching some series on the History Channel on the YouTube that Lake Superior was an inland sea.  I’d always thought so when I was younger and had seen the lake.  Then I was hushed and told it was just the world’s largest lake. 

I heard from one of my Aunt’s husband that it was called a pond by the oceangoing vessels who regularly made their way to the harbor during the summer months.  I puzzled over that one for years.  Then finally decided that I liked my own idea of Lake Superior actually being an inland sea.

I actually live at the top of the world as my mom told us when I was a child.  There’s a triple divide near our reservation.  Apparently, back in the days before the white man came to the area, our family lived there.  At the top of the world. 

I’d looked this up whilst doing research for my novels.  There are five of them in the world.  Or there were when I’d first looked up something on the internet back in 1998 or thereabouts.  T’any rate, I know what she meant by that cause of the Laurentian Divide and the St. Lawrence River Divide.  

So, here I am in the hinterlands.


  1. Hinterland is a good word for H. How does it feel, living at the top of the world?

  2. Before we moved south, we lived for about 20 years near to Lake Michigan. Near enough to drive to. It seemed like an inland sea to me too. Everything except the salt.


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