31 March 2022

To Write...or Not

My  2022 Writing Plans have been streamlined as I've had to decide when and how to jump back into writing.  I am learning how to use Dragon Home to help when my fingers don't want to work right.  Well, Actually, they work right.  I haven't yet gotall the feelings back and so hit the wrong buttons whilst typing and have to make more corrections. 

Why I just don't rely on Spell Checkers or Grammar Checkers, weeelll, it's because of the dratted corrections that pop up upon occasion in my texts or comments over to my second, third or fourth favorite haunts.  Methinks the gremlins are having a merry ol' time after discovering these types of programs on machines.  I think cellphones have shot to the top of their favorite places to hang out.  

Ojibwe Weekly Planner
Yeah, this was supposed to be posted in January.  Right about when I got busy doing the Ojibwe Weekly Planner that is now up on Amazon, print copy only.  If you'd like to order bulk copies of 10 or more, please contact me.  

If you'd like a PDF, it's over on my Ko-Fi site.  I have set a minimum price here of 7.99 or more.  Before you ask, I did do translations and my own set up of the book.  The image is one of my own and is taken on the Bois Forte Reservation.  The price reflects that.  

This planner is undated.  There is a set of extra pages if you'd like to start by the quarter 1.  I've also considered that there are businesses that have a fiscal year other than the calendar one most people use.  

 I plan to use funds from the sale of these to reinvest in  publishing and marketing my fantasy books which many of you have been aware for bout 20 years.   Thanks for your support and encouragement over the years.  Chii-Miigwitch.  

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