30 December 2020

Create Your 2021 Writing Schedule

I am going to be linking to items I have come across that may be of help in your quest to become a better writer.  This process is something I've been a bit familiar with already and have come across in a paid course that Holly Lisle has included in her "How to Write a Novel" and the "How to Write a Series" courses.  These are expensive courses which she is willing to do a payment plan.  Check out her free writing courses or purchase one of her short courses which are under $10.  I started with these and eventually enrolled in two of her courses.  These were helpful for me.  
I subscribed to Heart Breathings this past quarter when I watched YouTube on the XBox as I was doing my own planning, reviewing and resetting of goals, tasks and other things since October/November as the active portion of my Cancer treatment was winding down.  

I have not logged into YouTube on the XBox and discovered this is an excellent way for me to get access to items I have a hard time coming across like in "old days" of the internet when searches would bring up so many interesting and varied items making me very happy to be wandering in this "big, exciting new library" instead of the daily battle with all the snazzy new algorithms that Google and others of the mathematical ilk have determined that I need to or want to know.  Now how to figure out how to do searches without logging into...hey the Edge browser or perhaps download Mozilla again and just don't log into...hmm.  This might be something to look into.  Perhaps after I get myself back on track for writing and self-publishing. 

**Disclaimer: I haven't been compensated for including these links in this post.  

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