14 January 2019

Writerly Doings

   I have been busy, day and night, working to get my blogs and such other details as are needed to bring you news and events from Niiganabiik’s World.  Well, as this is my writerly journal blog, I guess I must get in the habit of Writerly doings.
   Well, as you can see, I have revamped my website.  Just a bit.  The posts are now listed in the blog archive.  I haven’t updated the labels list though.  I did, at one time, trim that down to 15.  I have downloaded my posts and am in the process of analyzing them.  Had made updates to a few before and wondered why I made so many posts in 2013.  Hahaha. 
   Found out it was cause I updated my 2012 blogs at some point in the dim, forgotten past.  So, now, to keep things straight, I have set an update category so I don’t go bonkers at some point in the future, trying to figure out how I could have written so many when I don’t remember why.  Man, I tell ya, the past few days has been quite hectic around here. 
   “Maaa!” echoes from my newly KonMari’d rooms and this means my sons have discovered I have moved one or t’other of their precious belongings.  Now, normally, I don’t touch their things.  However, in the interest of saving time, I had to.  The end result, aside from tripping over the mountain of items in the living room and part of the kitchen, is I must suffer through their echoing cries.  Well, from my day son.  My night son just stands there, arms crossed, eyeball-ing me so that eventually I must ask “What?” in as guilt-free voice as I can manage. Hmmmph.
   T’any rate, being as that’s neither here nor there, but does, indirectly, mind, affect my writerly doings, I have developed a much more healthy, and grateful, respect for the Scrivener program I purchased, also at some distant point in the past.  In the past few days, welll, actually, this morning, as I was trying to make sure my blog could be seen on mobile devices, I inadvertently, messed up my settings on my blog.  This necessitated a frantic text to my niece who promptly sent a screenshot which then put me on the right track for getting my blog back.  -ell, I had to take a break and go have lunch with my sister.
   Upon my return, I spent a couple more hours and found out that my domain, google and blogger accounts were not in sync with me.  Those accounts just do not take in the facts that I live with sons, have sisters who need this or that and friends who rely on me to keep them informed of my writerly doings. 
   Well, the main thing I have discovered, after setting my website back to rights, is that 1000 words is a might too long to read on all those mysterious devices.  So, this blog as well as any others I may choose to maintain, will be limited to 500 or so words.  To see any longer writerly things must come from my books.  Ahhh,well.  Back to the drawing board…hmmm.

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