20 August 2017

Busy Fixing Things

As one can see from the date of my last post, it has been a very long time since I let you know what's up in my writing world.  Unless, of course, you follow me on Facebook.  Even there, I wasn't posting much.  I got the domains for two of my ideas, one being this site and the other being Niiganabiik's World.  Now, of course, I had planned on having my author's blog over on the site of my projects for my fantasy world.  Hooowwever, that caused a few problems.  Then, the past two years hasn't been easy ones as both my parents journeyed on to the next world.  Readjusting hasn't been all that easy.

Thus, my surprise when I once again took up the reins to continue on my chosen path of authorship, lo and behold, the dreaded error when I tried to check how far I'd gotten before the earth shaking events.  Hmmm.

I got those straightened out and here I am, with two sites up and running.  Well, limping along more like it.  The reins I'd picked up were no longer attached to something that would help me, so I had to drop them and walk once again.  Guess that's how it's supposed to be for me.  Ahh well, walking strengthens me.  And I got some professional help to deal with the more technical aspects of getting my works out there for all the world to see.

And some of you are aware that I got involved with Holly Lisle's writing site.  I started checking out the manuscripts I have, checking to see that I'd been following her suggested ways of doing things.  I'd decided she'd be a better mentor as her way of doings matches mine to a certain extent.

I had set up things in Scrivener, Aeon timeline and Scapple.  It had been an obviously long time since I'd done any serious editing, it's taken me a few weeks to figure out what the heck I was thinking of when I put a note here, tacked one up there, wrote stuff on my index cards and other such minutiae of the writing life.

Light bulb struck this morning as I was thinking about rewriting the whole thing, as this is one of the suggestions I'd come across whilst looking for tips and other encouragement for Camp NaNoWriMo.  Holly has this thing called "Tentacles" and I'd looked at it again.  I already had a lot of what she suggested and a great day for the happy dance.

I remember thinking at the time, I shouldn't get too far ahead on some of the revision stuff as I might lose focus.  Sure enough.  Started heading out in all kinds of crazy directions.  I know I am not one of those who can multitask.  Why, I've spent my life telling my sons that I can only do one thing at a time.  Here I was, trying to juggle so many balls that when I finally discovered those balls had chains, it was time for me to let them drop.  Course I had to be fast on my feet so they wouldn't clunk me on my poor, overworked brain.

Now, I've had a rest, a breather and am ready to carry on.  This site and Niiganabiik's World will be seriously overhauled and I hope to have a store set up here as well as the one over on Smashwords.  I had those pages worked out and ready for uploading. Well, cept for the store which will be worked on by a professional.  Not sure what her business name is at this point, so will edit this later when I find out.  See ya and have fun.

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