28 June 2016

Writing update

What's the best thing someone has ever said about your writing?  A thoroughly, devious question.  Best thing someone's said about my writing?  Hmmm.  Let Me See.

I get a lot of comments from readers of my monthly column who enjoy my 250 words of early morning wisdom.  Apparently, my editor gets calls from concerned readers when a column of mine gets mislaid, or more likely waylaid by those, oh, dast I mention them?  Nah.  Things have been going smoothly in my world for the past few months.  Well, at least as far as the world building has been going.

I've gotten some few comments from readers over to the JukePop Serials site.  Those are more of the complaint type, so hardly worthy of being granted the title "best thing" though, it could be thought of as the best thing.  I've managed to finish the entire two books on that site.  The chapters will be going up on a fairly regular basis once my year of mourning is over next month.  For those of you who don't know, my mother died last July, hence my rather haphazard fashion of writing.  Or should I say, even more haphazard than usual.  Out of respect, I've severely curtailed my writing activities.

Ahh, I did get some fairly helpful comments from the Writer's Conference I attended last June.  Woulda attended again, however...ditto the above.  Mind, my mother was not traditional, though she held a lot of the traditions in high regard and had a respect for those who walked that Path.  Including me...her number one daughter.  We talked a bit about the Conference and what I learned, then dove into the subject of the garden, which, sadly, the crows had happily did their little crow hops all over, wrecking nearly everything.  Tip: never believe those who say to put plastic sheeting over newly planted seeds before going off on a writing adventure.  We did get to enjoy the ones from the raised bed garden, tomatoes-which I played the part of the bumblebees and got quite a few tomatoes out of it.  My pepper plants only grew about the size that were perfect for the little people who might come visiting and have a hankering for peppers.

And carrots.  Sadly, I forgot to thin those out and I hope the little people enjoyed the boost to their delicate eyes.  The rest of the plants I grew more from curiosity, eggplant- a pretty shade of purple, okra-which I had never seen until this year when it lay upon the frigerated shelves of my local grocery store.  Bout the only thing I recognized was the lettuce.  And the onions survived to be tossed about like playthings when the mama bear and her three cubs visited this spring.  Ahh, that's another story I may tell on another day, most likely over to my storytelling site-Niiganab.  And none of this has anything to do with the question posed by my fearless leaders over to the IWSG site.

**Well, if I'da been just a wee bit patient, I'da learned that the question is a source of topic ideas for those who need them.  I'da learned that the date for posting is 06 July 2016.  Ahhh, well, back to the ol' drawing board.


  1. Hi,
    In reading the first few paragraphs of your post, I smiled. Happy to hear that you are experiencing friendly times and no trials. Enjoy this time. It can go quickly.

    Shalom aleichem,

  2. Hi Mildred,
    I have nominated you for this year’s Liebster Award. If you decide to accept, the instructions are at my book review website at:

    Have a nice Sunday.
    Shalom aleichem,


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