26 May 2013

Good News

No, I haven't forgotten about blogging or writing and such things.  I've been busy the past few weeks getting financing set up.  I self published a book of photographs I took while on the Grand Canyon trip in October 2011.  I do have a book and a planner that's for public sale.

The book "Grand Canyon Desert Beauty" is a private printing and I've ordered 1000 copies.  Financing has worked out and I will be ordering the copies to be here around the end of June.  I'm working on a signing project of some type to coincide with the receipt of the books.

I've got quite a bit of interest already.  350 copies will be sold when the books arrive.  When the next elder trip is here, which has already been mapped out and details such as physicals need to be done, I will take some more pictures.  Some of the proceeds for the books will be donated to the Elders on the rez.

So many of the programs have been cut due to cutbacks that I wanted to help in some way with the programs.  I have another project in mind for youth also.  Back burner for that one for now.

Thus, I have had to fine tune my business plan, marketing plan, learn ins and outs of wheeling and dealing.  teehee.  Let's not forget the government type stuff.  Now, that was sort of a doozy to do.  And I have experience working with federal, state and tribal governments.  Somehow, it is different when dealing from a different perspective.  Ahh well, live and learn.

Just wanted all to know what I have been doing and explain a bit about the link some of you may have noticed on my sidebar.  Oh, I will be unveiling a new website shortly.  Taataa for now.  Sad.

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