07 April 2013

Patience, I tell myself.

A day of rest and relaxation, that's what today is.  Well, I have been visiting different bloggers and reading their posts.  The challenge is fully underway.  And it is exciting for me to learn a great many new things.  For instance:  definitions of new words such as those I saw at Zulu Delta 45 - Defenestrate.  I'd actually read that word in a book once, and didn't look it up.  Course that was in the days I didn't have the urging of a teacher to check my dictionary.  I was skipping ahead to see how many bloggers there were and Zulu Delta 45 caught my eye.  Checked it out and there it was-defenestrate.  Odd how some words can stick in your memory, while others find their way to that black hole (or aimed that way, teehee.)

Writing in Wonderland's Slyvia Ney, has some brainstorming tools.  Another blogger I want to find time to read is Steven Symes.  Looking over his site, well, at least the front page, there are some posts I want to check out, such as the one about the Salem Witch Trials.  And another, History Sleuth's Writings, has a few posts I thought looked interesting.  And there is a history site link.  Yes.

Since I've been writing on this for 4 hours already, I thought I'd better just post and then finish getting sidetracked on some of the other bloggers.  Not too long though, I'm revising also for Camp NaNoWriMo and the other one, for which I've already posted the cover.  Getting a few days of eye rest, one final read  gather up my courage and hit that publish button over to Smashwords.  (Essential, I think, as I've commented here and there regarding my catching of the typos and such in books I've read and how that irked me.  I want to limit mine to the least amount I can find.  Oh for the day when I can hire such tasks out.)

For those of you new to my blog, I have three other blogs, each of which has to do with one or the other of my interests.  niiganab is the very first blog I wrote, many moons ago, Family Legacy is the second and isn't posted to very frequently as I've put a bit too much on my plate at the moment.  The other is about books I read, books I write, books I'd like to read.  Of the four, this and niiganab get posted to the most.

ChiMiigwetch (Many thanks) for visiting and commenting.  Giigawabimin noongom.  See ya later.

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  1. Rest. Relaxation. And Patience. All things I associate with a lovely Sunday> Hope yours was just that.


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