24 March 2013

Novel Title Change and Cover


Tallulah Zultanah Nokomis, First Born Daughter, grows up knowing she must marry and have a child to keep her line unbroken: the Pact between two Peoples must be upheld. The first First Born Daughter to marry for the Pact used the Knowledge of the Old Ones to her benefit, becoming a Windigo.  Tallulah must destroy her or be destroyed.

*The cover hasn't been uploaded to the Smashwords site where Storm Clouds resides, patiently waiting for the final edit.

"Alright.  Everybody, quiet.  I'm an old lady who can't process 12 conversations at one time anymore.  Sit.  Think about what you want to say.  There are a few people who want to hear your story."

Chaos settles into quiet.  We sit and watch each other for a few days.  I start reading over what has already been written.  I work on the cover.  Clamor starts as the other characters want theirs finished right now.

"Patience.  Everyone must learn patience.  I am an old lady who can't manage more than two things at a time anymore."

I add the finishing touches to the cover when Tallulah (Ulah) speaks quietly:

"My story is more about the choices I had, the decisions I made that came from them.  And consequences...."

We look at her.  Waiting.  We listen as she starts her story.

I am an old lady who still has a lot to learn.  Ulah made the title change.

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