21 March 2013

A to Z Challenge tips

Even though this is the first time I'm participating in the A to Z Challenge, I want to post of few of my thoughts on the process.

During the Platform Building Campaign, I followed a lot of interesting blogs.  Some of them got lost in the mad shuffle and weren't regained until the recent overhaul of my blogs.  Now, it seems the math used to determine my likes, wants and needs isn't all that perfect.  teehee.

Suggestion number 1:  Use the file, label or whatever indicator on your reader program to sort your interests as soon as you hit the follow, like or send button or a quickly as possible thereafter.  I have anywhere from 88 to 104 blogs I'm following depending on which stats I look at.  Some of them are on Live Journal, Word Press or even less common sites.  They're supposed to be managed in Google Reader dashboard.  I think the reorganization of that helped my reader bring back some of the blogs that I thought weren't being posted to as it had been so long.

Suggestion number 2:  Even though I had labeled my blog into one category, I checked out a few of the others.  Like my library at home, it is an eclectic collection.  Once in a great while, I come across a point of inspiration on those.  I comment, thinking that that will bring that blog into my reader.  Ha.  As I said, that algorithm isn't perfect.  So, make sure to hit the follow comment button so you can receive notifications in your email, at least until you determine that it was just a one time inspiration.

Third, once the actual madness has ended, go back and check out a few more of the blogs listed.  I've come across some sites that I followed just because they used their creativity and set up an interesting, easy to look at site.  Some of them are very beautiful just to look at.

Well, until next I post.  Giigawabamin noongom.  See ya later. (actual translation, you see soon or as close as I can come to it.  I may do a post regarding the translation of Anishinabemowin.  It is interesting and may help if you're world building.)