01 November 2012

November is American Indian Month

I will be posting links to American Indian sites, events and history during the month.  Many of these are organizations that I personally attended meetings, conferences.

November is Native American Heritage Month.  The link goes to The National Congress of American Indians established in 1944.  There is a variety of links and resources here.

Indian Country Today  has an article about the current policy on Eagle feathers.

WaSaa-Inaabida -- We Look in all Directions

An Anisinabe series in the words of our People.

Military links:
US Navy

List of Tribes at IHS - List of the Federally recognized tribes.

Smithsonian Exhibits

Arts and Crafts links:
Indian Arts and Crafts Board Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990.
Directory of Arts and Crafts- link is on the page as there is some info

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